PHOENIX line up

A new challenge in mechanical control of X-Ray Diffraction instruments. A real improvement on accuracy coupled with new optical systems. Diffractometer equipped with direct transmission of main axis with torque technology.

X-Ray Diffractometer

Phase analysis, cristallyte size, cristallinity, thin film, reflectivity, qualitative and quantitative analysis and many others.

XRD Analysis software

Xenia offers a convenient and flexible environment for XRD quantitative phase analysis and Rietveld crystallographic refinement. An intuitive user interface hides the complexity of the mathematical and physical models during routine analysis, while offering to advanced users the power and flexibility of a full Rietveld parametric engine.

X-Ray Residual Stress Diffractometer

No matter how big the sample is: ENIXE is small, compact and portable and ensures an accurate and quick analysis.

XRD Acquisition software

Simple and intuitive interface for the full control of the diffractometer.