XRD Analysis software

XENIA software offers an easy and flexible environment for a X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) quantitative phase and a more refined and deeper Rietveld crystallographic measure. During routine analysis the complexity of mathematical and physical models are hidden by means of a very intuitive user interface, but it allows advanced users the power and flexibility of a full Rietveld parametric engine. Xenia features are able to meet both industrial and academic world requirements, while offering a fast and reliable diffraction data analysis for a wide range of application fields.

Xenia's main features:

  • Automated analysis procedures for routine work, as well as manual selection of the crystallographic and physical parameters to optimise for the maximum flexibility
  • Simultaneous multi-pattern processing starting from an unitled physical model of the diffraction test
  • Powerful analytical methods based on the accurate description of diffraction physics and fast non-linear optimisation algorithms
  • Comprehensive crystallographic support with all 230 space groups, support for an arbitrary number of atoms in the asymmetric unit
  • Fast calculation of X-ray atomic scattering factors, occupancy factors and Debye-Waller coefficients
  • Lattice parameter determination, as well as atomic positions, occupancy and thermal factor
  • Fast and reliable quantitative phase analysis
  • lMicrostructure analysis (Williamson-Hall method), crystallographic strain modelling (plane and triaxial stress)
  • Extensive support of analytical functions for the diffraction peak profile description
  • Easy single xml data format containing all the information about experimental data, physical parameters, sample and test description

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

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